Ethical Silk

Osigian Mulberry

There are two 'species' of silk moth which are fully domesticated & reared by humans for several thousand years.
The main species is Bombyx mori, the mulberry silk moth with the other being Samia ricini, Eri silk moth. There are theories of how it all started but nobody really knows. We could be looking at some 5000 years ago. 96% of the worlds silk comes from Bombyx mori. Commercially, Bombyx cocoons are killed in order for the silk to be reeled off the cocoon.
 Samia ricini, which is a totally different species, cocoons can't be reeled as the silkworms do not spin with a continuous thread. This silk is often referred to as 'peace' silk.

Ethical silk is processed in a different way,
working with nature, naturally.

With ethical silk production all the moths are allowed to hatch & live their short lives. It means you can't reel the silk as the moth breaks the silk fibres on hatching so instead the silk is spun into thread. 

Bombyx mori. Mulberry Silk Moth                                           Samia ricini. Eri Silk Moth

Here I rear both Bombyx mori & Samia ricini. 100% ethically. The main focus is with the Samia moths which produce Eri silk.
The silk cocoon is a bi product of the moths life cycle.