About Us


Unusually, it all started with the silk moths. With no interest in the fibre at all. I was 16. Passionate about wildlife,  especially insects, silk moths were cool. It was 1978.
My hobby rearing silk moths has carried on to this day. The excitement is the same today as it was over 40 years ago. The change happened in 2004. A chance to rear Samia ricini, Eri silk moth, again. Looking at the empty cocoons i thought it would be interesting to process the silk. I made a drop spindle from a pencil & rubber & a loom from cardboard. That was it, i was hooked. My life was about to change.
There have been many twists & turns on my journey since then but ultimately it has brought me here.

Essentially, i am an artist. I taught myself to weave, my style is simple. The quality of the yarn is vital as is the dye, I love colour. Silk included as much as possible. NO man made fibres.
Each scarf takes approximately 12 hours to make, with tassel's individually sewn on by hand on most. 
For me it's all about producing something of the highest quality using the best materials. I'm very proud of what I make & for you to be proud to own.

& yes, i still rear silk moths of various species.
For updates on the weaving, moth rearing, shows & talks follow my Blog or Facebook 

Malvern Autumn Show, on stage with Joe Swift.