• Samia hybrid silk moth. Red Eri .

Rearing Samia ricini

Rearing Samia ricini

This is a simple guide. Please don’t hesitate to contact me is you need any advise.

There are 4 stages in the rearing & life cycle :

eggs : larvae/caterpillar : pupae/cocoon : adult/moth

Eggs : These are small, oval & cream in colour. They should be incubated between  20 & 30 Celsius. Hatching takes 7 to 14 days depending on temperature. They should be placed in a clear box with fitted lid. A small piece of moist tissue place in with them to maintain humidity. No direct sun OR heat source.

Larvae : On hatching the larvae are small & active. Place a small privet leaf in with them. They will find it & start eating from the edges. This can take 24 hours. Change the privet & a clean container daily. Keep the larvae in a clear box with fitted lid. The larvae will moult their skins 4 times as they grow & will need to be put into larger containers with time. Maintain the temperature as with the eggs. The warmer they are kept the faster they grow, maturing at between 3 to 6 weeks. allow the larvae to spin their cocoons within the foliage.

Cocoon : Once the larvae have spun their cocoons, hang them up  somewhere warm, spray with water twice a day to maintain humidity. Moths hatch within 3 to 6 weeks.

Moths : Once hatched move the moths to a cage made of a cardboard box with netting on the front. Attach the netting with clothes pegs. The moths will mate readily & lay eggs mainly on the netting. Remove the eggs into a clear box. The moths live for 7 to 10 days & do not feed.

Samia ricini is continuously brooded & does not hibernate.

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